3D Printable Fractal Wall Art

Artist statement

Peter Petrov

My journey started at the end of 1955 near Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. During the childhood I wanted to paint pictures and play the piano. My parents wanted me to become an engineer. So I became an engineer who plays the computer keyboard and uses the acquired knowledge for incarnating the beauty of mathematics in artworks.

In 1985 I was fascinated by the magic of fractals – the most complex math object. This love affair continues to the present day. That makes more than 3 decades in a study of their endless world. During them I have used various software tools (including written by me) for diving in that abyss.

Somewhere in 90’s I realized that fractal beauty is nothing without third dimension and later that 3D world on a flat display is nothing but a cheap imitation of reality. Three new yet inconceivable technologies had to be born: Software to make bulk from flat; software to convert that bulk into a cloud of points; and a machine to materialize the cloud in a touchable beauty.

The birth has gone a long way. In the meantime, I gained life and professional experience; raised my children; traveled around the world; entered politics and left it with disgust…

Now so many years later I managed to get all elements of the mosaic gathered. The software and 3D printing technology advanced sufficiently for tearing off the fractals from the two-dimensional world of Images and giving them life in the space.

And here I am with the result: Art, emerging from a meeting of formulas, technologies and a human sense of beauty.

— Peter Petrov